Monthly Archives: February 2013

Payment addresses are now PGP-signed

Each time you place an order on, a PGP-signed message containing the payment address will be shown.  This allows conscientious customers to be assured that the payment address they are seeing is in fact legitimate, and not a fake address shown by a would-be hacker. Although I don’t keep bitcoins on my web server, […]

The first of the 2013 1BTC coins have gone out

I have completed the first small batch of 2013 1BTC coins and used them to fill orders.  The 2012’s are all gone. Highlights for plans for 2013 coins: 8000 1BTC token blanks with the year 2013 have been made (I may make more if they run out mid-year) I’m adding a 0.5 BTC coin.  This […]

Plans for 2013 Silver Coins

I’m getting a lot of inquiries about the 2013 silver Casascius round. So far I don’t have an ETA, but I’m planning on a new 1/2 oz 5BTC round in addition to the 1oz 10BTC rounds.  The 5BTC round will have a diameter of about 30mm similar to the gold coin.  I will post updates […]