Plans for 2013 Silver Coins

I’m getting a lot of inquiries about the 2013 silver Casascius round.

So far I don’t have an ETA, but I’m planning on a new 1/2 oz 5BTC round in addition to the 1oz 10BTC rounds.  The 5BTC round will have a diameter of about 30mm similar to the gold coin.  I will post updates here to the blog.

The blanks for the 2013 1BTC coin are now in.  They are the same style but have a different shape for the private key on the back.  It’s a circle with a small protrusion meant to help lock in the orientation of the key circle, so the alignment is more consistent.  It’ll be a couple weeks before I can start shipping these, as I need to make a new batch of private keys for them and set up a laser cutting template to get them cut in the proper shape.  Orders placed now will likely be filled with the 2013’s when available as the 2012 1BTC’s are just about gone.

I ran about 8,000 of the 2013 1BTC blanks.  How many there will be total depends on how long they last.  If they only last to mid-year, I’ll probably do another run of 2013’s, and if they last until near the end of the year, then 8,000 is all there will be.

One comment

  1. I am looking to trade a 100 ounce johnson mathey silver bar for bitcoin.Can you do that?

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