Monthly Archives: April 2013

I am taking orders again

I have updated my site so I am taking orders again.  Let’s see how it goes!  Some notable changes: 1BTC coins are available only in rolls of 50.  I will be able to provide a digitally signed PDF scan of the coins in each roll to aid in establishing their authenticity. The listed prices for […]

Revised Plans for 2013 Silver Coins

Just an update on the 2013 silver Casascius coins. I have completed the die for a 1/2 ounce 5-bitcoin silver Casascius coin, but have decided to scrap the idea, given what’s now a tenfold rise in the Bitcoin price over the past four months. Instead, I’m in the process of making three new dies: 1) […]

I made a video as a reply to Ron Paul

I recently read that Ron Paul appeared on Bloomberg TV and said he felt uncomfortable about Bitcoin because it wasn’t something he could put in his pocket. As you can imagine, I’ve got something to say about that, and here it is.

Auctioning 1000 coins: 1BTC and 0.5BTC

I have just put 1000 coins up on the auction block: five hundred 1BTC coins and five hundred 0.5BTC coins, in twenty lots of fifty coins. These auctions will end in 24 hours. EDIT/UPDATE (Apr 14 16:01 UTC): appears to be having some issues this morning, serving error messages instead of forum […]

So, what’s a bitcoin worth today?

Today’s been a big day in the Bitcoin world. For me, it’s been punctuated by people calling and texting, asking what I thought of “the drop” and how it feels to have a portion of my ostensible net worth evaporate, but also, how can they buy more bitcoin now that the price has “come down”. […]

Let the first auction begin

I have posted an auction for 8 rolls of fifty 0.5 BTC coins on Let’s see how it goes. I wondered what people would think of me doing auctions. Clearly, the recent sale of Casascius Coins on eBay for an unexpected amount got people thinking, me included. I have received a large number […]

My first batch of 0.5 BTC coins

I made my first batch of 0.5 BTC coins today. First, I’m going to describe what I have, and then I’ll describe what I plan to do with them. For today’s batch, I consumed 1200 private keys: all the ones with prefixes 121, 122, 123, and 124. In today’s batch, I concentrated on quality rather […]