If I haven’t responded to your request for invitation, don’t worry!

If I haven’t responded to your request for invitation, don’t worry!

I am sincerely pleased at the overwhelming level of reseller interest that has been shown for my products.

The answer, in virtually every case, is going to be “yes, as long as you can order at least 100 coins at a time”. And I think I’ll have one more condition: “as long as you are able and willing to verify the PGP signature of the bitcoin address being served by my site every time, before you pay it”. I am super paranoid about the possibility of being hacked or my web traffic diverted to an attacker’s site, and would really like to avoid the uncomfortable situation of someone having paid a large amount to a thief, before it ever happens.

In addition to revamping my process, I need to do a few things before I can continue accepting orders, including making changes to my website, and filling a few large orders for which the product has not yet been produced.


  1. Great News Mike. Thanks for the update.

  2. novusordo · · Reply

    Hi Mike, I’ve tried to contact you elsewhere, but to no avail.

    I ordered some coins this past weekend. Are these going to be ready relatively soon? I wanted them for an event later this month, and I’d be pretty disappointed if they weren’t here in time. I can provide the order number if you need it, just email me.

    I realize you’re busy with the whole revamping process, but if you could get back to me it would certainly be nice. Thanks.

  3. BitAddict · · Reply

    Im in for spreading the word 🙂
    Contact with me as soon as youre ready.
    ¿are you thinking about creating new coins? like 0,5 0,2 and 0,1 bitcoins.

  4. I placed an order before the site went down, and have no way of contacting you.
    Would you please let me know what to do.

    Thank you

  5. Bitcoin presentation · · Reply

    I’m living in the UK and preparing a DVD presentation on Bitcoin. I was going to insert one of the 0BTC tokens that you make in the package.
    Is this still possible at a realistic cost? I know there are other coins and medallions on the market but it would have been nice to insert a Casascius token.
    Cheers John

    1. I have other aluminum coins on their way that would be perfect for this purpose, and at the right cost.

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