Answers to your e-mailed questions about orders

I’m posting to answer questions I’m getting asked a lot in e-mail. I am presently not responding to most e-mail – inbox is filling up with inquiries faster than I can sustainably respond to them all. Sorry. Here are answers to the most common questions I am seeing.

Q. I placed an order before you stopped taking orders, and have paid. Was my order accepted?

A. YES. I have stopped taking orders. I have not stopped filling orders.

Q. When can I expect it to ship?

A. Everything is on schedule, and I ship on weekends. I expect to have all orders placed on shipped this weekend.

Q. Can I have an invitation to order? Do I qualify?

A. The answer to this has evolved since I stopped taking orders. I think, what I will do, is to segregate my coin production into identifiable batches and then auction them on BitMit. This will allow the market to offload the responsibility of price discovery from me, and avoid having to subjectively decide who is and isn’t worthy of being picked to buy the coins (I don’t like the pressure). Always look for PGP signed text to determine if any auction on BitMit was genuinely placed by me, my PGP key fingerprint is F1175A23. I will probably reopen my site to the public for accepting orders of one-off items like the two-factor bar, which isn’t sensible to sell via a reseller.

Q. Can I order under 100 coins directly from you?

A. Probably not. Demand is greater than supply, and I prefer to ship fewer orders rather than more. I’m encouraging resale for this reason. Perhaps I will create some auctions smaller than 100 coins for whatever reason.

Q. I e-mailed to let you my order arrived, but it still isn’t funded.

A. At the rate I’m receiving e-mail, it’s very possible I have missed it. My goal is to either fund your coins within 24 hours, or acknowledge your message within 24 hours with an estimate as to when it will actually be funded. If it’s been more than 24 hours and your coins are still unfunded, I probably missed it. Send me another e-mail, preferably in reply to one I sent you containing your coin addresses, as this will help me lookup your order/batch the fastest.

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