I am taking orders again

I have updated my site so I am taking orders again.  Let’s see how it goes!  Some notable changes:

  1. 1BTC coins are available only in rolls of 50.  I will be able to provide a digitally signed PDF scan of the coins in each roll to aid in establishing their authenticity.
  2. The listed prices for coin rolls are much higher.  They amount to a “buy-it-now” option.  I will adjust them based on incoming order volume.
  3. If you win items in an auction, you’ll use my website to submit shipping information and get a PGP-signed bitcoin payment address.  This allows me to continue to use the order tracking infrastructure I have developed.
  4. I’ve added DHL/FedEx/UPS as an option for international customers.

I am also selling off my 2011 25BTC coins and my original bars.  These will be offered for sale until they’re gone, and then will not be offered again.  At last rough count, I have a couple hundred of each.


  1. Chicagobtc · · Reply

    Hi Mike,

    Love the coins! A few questions on the 25 BTC coins you are offering on your site…

    -What months in 2011 were those created?
    -How many are in total circulation?
    -Do some/ all have the infamous “Casacius” misprint?

    Thank you very much,


    1. The 25 BTC coins currently offered do not have the misprint. They have the series 2 sticker and are not funded until purchased and receipt is acknowledged so the block chain will show 2013 funding. They say 2011 on the obverse as I created the medallions themselves in 2011 and had made around 1000 to make the per unit production cost worth it, they just didn’t sell fast enough to run out. I anticipate I will run out of them soon, they are selling reasonably fast at the price listed, my visual guesstimate is about 160 left. I want to let them go as I feel a little bit cheeky selling a “2011” item in 2013 and other than a couple I will keep for my own collection I intend to run out of them soon.

      1. Dan Kiley · ·

        Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Mike, I started a thread on bitcointalk to give you some feedback. Just wanted to let you know.

  3. Hi Casascius

    I am interested to place a special order – is there a way to contact you directly?

    1. I saw the comment on my order site – the generic aluminum coin product I will be introducing soon may be exactly what you need. Stay tuned. I expect them next week.

  4. Daniel · · Reply

    Hi Mike,

    Am I able to add my own bitcoins onto the 0-Bitcoin (Non-Denominated) Gold Plated Bar as a form of cold storage? If so, do I just you the key on the bar as my address?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    1. Yes. For maximum security, get your bar protected with a passphrase. Use bit2factor.org to convert your desired passphrase to an “intermediate code” and send me that. It allows me to encrypt your bar without knowing your private key or passphrase. It allows me to make a bar that requires zero trust in anybody.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I’m looking to purchase a roll of 50 1 BTC coins. How long does it take to ship something like that? Also, is there a way to contact you directly to make sure my order goes through? I’m a little nervous about sending so much BTC.


  6. bozak · · Reply

    How many of the 2011-25 BTC coins do you have left? I’m really surprised these have not sold out yet. Huge premiums for these being sold elsewhere.

    1. I’ve been avoiding saying exactly how many so they don’t disappear all at once. But they’re almost gone. Order if you wish, the worst I can do is give you a refund on what I can’t deliver.

  7. Do you have any blanks for sale? I’d like to give some out as gifts, and would be interested in a roll or two.

    1. The only blanks I am currently selling are the aluminum ones.

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