Revised Plans for 2013 Silver Coins

Just an update on the 2013 silver Casascius coins.

I have completed the die for a 1/2 ounce 5-bitcoin silver Casascius coin, but have decided to scrap the idea, given what’s now a tenfold rise in the Bitcoin price over the past four months.

Instead, I’m in the process of making three new dies: 1) a 1-ounce 1BTC silver coin, 2) a half-ounce 30mm 0.5BTC silver coin, and 3) a 7.5 gram 25mm 0.1BTC coins.  I have also paid for the metal that will go into these coins.  Of the three, the 1-ounce coin will be done first.


  1. Will these be sold to consumers through you, or only in bulk to resellers?

    1. So far, when I get them in, plans are I will put them up, but require a minimum order quantity.

  2. Would you be selling these from your website, or similar to the other coins (auctions and other retailers)?

    (Still waiting to acquire my first casascius coin)

    1. Will sell from my site but require minimum order of 1 mint tube.

      1. Hey Mike,

        Do you have a rough estimate on when the 1oz coins will be for sale? Also, how many are in a tube? I’d like to figure out if there’d be enough interest among my friends to warrant buying a whole mint tube.

      2. It sounds like my 0.1 BTC 1/4 ouncers are in production now (though I still am waiting on stickers for those) and the 1 ouncers, fingers crossed, are within the next two weeks (and I have the stickers for them).

      3. Will the 1-ounce look similar to the 10 BTC silver/gold coin? i.e. 10-Bitcoin 1-ounce Silver Round with Gold-Plated Bitcoin Logo

        When will the 2013 silver coin be available and what’s the minimum order quantity and price?


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