Casascius Coin production featured in The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

I’m at the Bitcoin Foundation conference, where the trailer for The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin was introduced. It can be found here:

A brief shot of my laser machine cutting private keys is visible in the film. I’m seeing a couple of questions frequently asked.

What kind of laser paper cutter do you use to cut private key circles? I seen it in the bitcoin doc.

It’s an Epilog Mini. It cuts all kinds of things, costs around $15,000 and required new duct work to be added to vent the smoke to the outside. They show their cutters at CES every year, if you go there. I also use this machine to engrave bitcoin addresses on 2-factor bars and coins.

Hi Mike,

Found your videos on YouTube last night. I also found this trailer on the forums today.

At 1:37 it looks like there are some sensitive codes well within readable focus. Isn’t this from your operation and thus a serious concern or am I missing something in the way you produce your coins?

Just thought I would point it out to you.

Kind regards

With the paranoia I publicly display regarding even my Bitcoin addresses, I trust that the number of those who anticipate that I would allow filming of real codes going into real coins is relatively few. I suppose it’s a fair and perfectly reasonable question to ask, especially with spectacular failures seen elsewhere among operators of Bitcoin-related services.

The codes I allowed to be filmed are from a sheet that was going in the garbage: a sheet from misspelled series 1 holograms, whose backs (public side) are not compatible with the newer windowed design. The resulting Bitcoin addresses can be found in my initial publication of 11,000 series 1 addresses. The codes have no value, have already been thrown away, and will not be used in coins. You might have noticed they are being cut in circles (series 1 shape), and not circle-with-bump (shape for current coin production), and that all of these codes are the old 22-characters and not the 30 character codes I’ve been using for a while.

No one has asked this yet, but I am also seen “making” some coins. As my security policy totally prohibits creating real coins on camera, these coins do not contain real private keys – instead the paper shows the word “VOID” in bold, very clearly, through the window. I call them “voidcoins” or “presscoins”, as I allow the photographer to keep one or two of the completed ones if they wish. All such coins are 0.5 BTC denomination.

One comment

  1. Hello,

    My name is Ben Bledsoe and I am a producer on “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.” I wanted to take a moment and express the absolute professionalism and high security measures that Mike took while we were filming at his location. He took no chances, and made sure every aspect of our filming process was organized and planned ahead. You can rest assured that security is his absolute top priority. He spoke about it quite a bit while we were filming with him.

    Great guy. Great Service. Great Product. I can’t speak highly enough in his favor.


    Ben Bledsoe
    “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”

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