Monthly Archives: June 2013

Silver Coins Now Here!

I’m pleased to report that I’m selling silver coins again.     I am now taking orders for Silver Bitcoins and Silver Bitcoin Halfs: 1BTC on 1oz silver, and half a bitcoin on a half ounce of silver. The 1oz coins come in mint tubes of 20 coins. The half oz coins come in mint […]

Caught up on roll orders

I am caught up on production to the point that I can now deliver a roll of 1BTC or 0.5BTC coins within a couple days of an order.  I am now offering FedEx, delivery times are much better worldwide than with postal mail. Silver coins are currently in production! Also, when I run out of […]

How to create an Intermediate Code for 2-factor items

When you order a 2-factor item from me, you’re protecting it with a passphrase.  The 2-factor system ensures that nobody (not even me) can redeem the value from the item unless they have the passphrase.  That begs the question: how can I (as Casascius) create a 2-factor item for you (as the buyer) if I […]