Monthly Archives: July 2013

Update July 28 – new private keys done – 0.1 coins here soon

Update as of July 28: Private keys have been generated and printed for silver coins beyond the first 32 rolls (of each type). The addresses all start with 1Ag. This will get the orders resuming for rolls 33 and up. Thanks for your patience, some of you have been waiting over 3 weeks. A total […]

Status on Silver Coins (July 23)

Current status on silver coins: We have produced through roll #32 of 1BTC coins, and roll #32 of half BTC coins (64 total numbered rolls). In addition we produced 45 half-BTC coins with the series-2 sticker which were not numbered into these rolls. These were available to those who made initial orders, though are no […]

“Firstbits” are not what’s printed on the coin

A common point of confusion that comes up: I’m frequently asked about “firstbits”. Often, I hear people refer to the 8 characters printed on my coins as “firstbits”, or I hear from people who worry that someone might claim the “firstbits” of their coin before it gets funded, or that they were unable to verify […]

The first batch of silver coins will be funded in a single transaction

Just a quick status report on silver coins. Some of you have received your silver coins. Others, I’m still working on them. Actually, I should say we’re still working on them, as I have someone working full time to help with production and shipment. A short round of applause for Natalie! We have had one […]