Status on Silver Coins (July 23)

Current status on silver coins:

  • We have produced through roll #32 of 1BTC coins, and roll #32 of half BTC coins (64 total numbered rolls).
  • In addition we produced 45 half-BTC coins with the series-2 sticker which were not numbered into these rolls. These were available to those who made initial orders, though are no longer available for sale.
  • Those who ordered single coins with the new hologram are included in the 32 rolls (as we broke apart one roll of each to accommodate the single coin orders)
  • We ran out of the first batch of 1Ag-prefixed private keys at this point, so this makes for a good pause point
  • These 64 rolls (plus 45 extra coins) will be the ones included in the first funding, which will happen as soon as I know all the rolls have been received
  • We are in the process of shipping out the last of these first 64 rolls, all should be shipped today/tomorrow.
  • The first 32 1oz rolls were sold as of 7/4/2013 11:18:00 UTC. If you ordered 1oz rolls after this time, then I still need to generate the private keys for your coins, and still need several more days to sticker and ship it.

EDIT (July 25) to confirm: all of these rolls are in transit as of July 24.

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