Update July 28 – new private keys done – 0.1 coins here soon

Update as of July 28:

  • Private keys have been generated and printed for silver coins beyond the first 32 rolls (of each type). The addresses all start with 1Ag. This will get the orders resuming for rolls 33 and up. Thanks for your patience, some of you have been waiting over 3 weeks. A total of 12,760 keys were generated. The address looks a bit different from before, I changed it to a narrow fixed-width font.
  • The Aluminum Coins and the Zero Value Bar now include FREE POSTAL SHIPPING.
  • The 0.1 BTC coins are soon to be available. They’ll be sold in rolls of 20.
  • New numbering scheme for rolls. Bitcoin addresses are vanity-generated with prefixes denoting sequence. Initial plans: The first roll of 1BTC silver coins is no longer roll “R033”, but rather, roll “1Ag1-A” and consists of coins whose addresses all start with 1Ag1. After 1Ag1 is used (there are exactly 220 keys for each prefix), we move on to 1Ag2, 1Ag3, etc., and after the numbers are gone, the capital letters are used next (1Ag9, 1AgA…) The 0.5 BTC silver coins use lowercase letters, the first roll is “1Aga-A”. The first roll of 0.1BTC silver coins is “1Agz-A” and these will work backwards through the alphabet (1Agy, 1Agx, etc.). In the end, the sequence may change if I’m close to running out of something and not the other.

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