Monthly Archives: August 2013

Silver coins funded

I sent out the first funding of the 2013 silver coins, a large (47 kilobyte) transaction with 1295 txouts. The transaction fee was 0.005 BTC. Stated another way (USD), I just sent over $110,000 over the internet to what may eventually end up being over a thousand different people, without opening an account anywhere […]

Def Con 21: Preliminary results from Sunday

As far as I am informed, Sunday’s attacks on silver Casascius Coins left behind evidence of tampering and were not ruled a successful defeat. That said, they only had one coin and chance. It’s entirely possible that, given multiple chances, they’ll succeed, and I intend to give them more chances. This, of course, was true […]

DefCon 21: Successful compromise of the hologram reported

I have been informed that someone was successfully able to compromise the hologram on a Casascius Coin this afternoon at Def Con 21 in Las Vegas. Having been a regular attendee of Def Con for some time now, I figured it was a matter of time before I’d have the honor of being a subject […]

Funding Status (updated Aug 2)

Funding Status: I’m ready to fund, with the exception of 1 Express (postal) Mail package destined to a customer in France where we inadvertently omitted the postal code, and which seems held up in transit near the destination. The destination is still distinct as written without the postal code (Google Maps has no trouble finding […]