Funding Status (updated Aug 2)

Funding Status: I’m ready to fund, with the exception of 1 Express (postal) Mail package destined to a customer in France where we inadvertently omitted the postal code, and which seems held up in transit near the destination. The destination is still distinct as written without the postal code (Google Maps has no trouble finding it without it) and my hope is it will be delivered immediately. Once the disposition of that package is resolved (or once we go with a viable alternative plan, a couple of which I have in mind), the funding is ready to go out.

I anticipate using an automated label printing process that prints a second label directly from the order input to limit the likelihood of a similar future occurrence.

Coin production has continued and we now have enough coins prepared to fill all outstanding orders for 0.5BTC coins, and enough to fill most of the 1BTC coin orders.

EDIT (Aug 2): The one in France, tracking now shows delivered. I’m still watching one in Spain that I didn’t think would take this long, but still shows in customs – the buyer and I are in contact about it and he was told he needs to pick it up with a copy of the invoice. Am wanting to make sure they clear prior to funding, but at the same time, am eager to get the funding going, as I don’t like to be seen as “owing” 800+ BTC to the community with no clear positive expectation as to when I will be moving it. Incoming payments are still unmoved on the blockchain as previously described.

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