I’m Mike Caldwell, the producer of the Casascius physical bitcoin in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been an enthusiast of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto since I first encountered it in December 2010. I have always felt that a monetary solution based on cryptography was possible and useful, and that it was only a matter of time until somebody put it together and did it right.

Casascius Coins were created as an educational pursuit to help regular people understand a peer-to-peer virtual currency. I created them with the belief that very few would be able to conceptualize the value of a bitcoin if they couldn’t hold it in their hand or put it in their pocket in the form of a tangible non-electronic object.

Casascius is a name I made up before ever deciding I would use it for a coin project. The root, “CASAS”, is a simple acronym for the phrase “call a spade a spade”, to which I added an ending I thought would make it sound like a personified Shakespearean or Roman sort of name. It is properly pronounced “ka-SAY-shuss”, though I am not bothered by the variations I hear.

My ordering website is https://casascius.com.


  1. Phoenix · · Reply

    I am interested in minting ans selling physical bitcoins. I have the needed backing. I plan to mint 1 oz .999 gold- .999 gold and .999 copper bitcoins. Please get back to me at phoenixrisingradio@gmx.com

    We have news blog http://goingglobaleastmeetswest.blogspot.com/
    A readio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/phoenix3333
    and a forum: http://afterthegoldrush.lefora.com/

  2. I think what you’re doing is great, however since you’ve stopped selling small orders perhaps you could put a resellers page on your website. BTW I think it’s a great idea what you’re doing here.

  3. Hi Casascius.
    A tip for you: You can switch from SHA256CryptoServiceProvider to SHA256Managed for a windows XP compatibility, but i think that you know that jet.
    Thanks for the code of Casascius BTCAddress c# app, very helpfull, im folking and mixing it whit a database and some secrets more to experimantally try to broke some address of the existing 18M (less empty accounts), i dont think that i can successfully do it, but is funny. Contact if you wish more details. (BitcoinTalk is broken!!)

  4. Hi Mike,

    Did not see this amongst the FAQs, so here goes:

    You say a physical coin may be converted into the electronic version. Once this happens, what is the value of the physical coin?

    I am guessing that one could determine that the coin had been converted but is there a simple process by which that can be done? Can the physical coin be re-converted, acquiring value once again?

    Or, does the coin continue always to have value but can only be converted once?

    I realize these may not be the best questions, but just started to look into Bitcoins.



  5. Susan Russell · · Reply

    Dear Mr. Caldwell,

    We run an historical and scientific research company and have all fallen in love with your holographic physical Bitcoin. Since we are a largely charitable organisation, we lack the funds to purchase your gorgeous coins. If you ever have any spare, empty, model-quality, unusable, throwaway holographic samples, we would be very pleased to do a feature on them on our sites and in the media in the future. If you are interested in a bit of free PR, and wouldn’t mind donating a nice sample to our Lab, we would be happy to advertise and encourage the spread of your beautiful coins. We can be reached via the supplied email address. I hope this message finds you well. Whatever you decide to do, it was an honour to communicate with you and everyone at the Lab wishes you all the luck for the future.

    Note (for your peace of mind): We have been nominated for several awards and our work has been reported by newspapers, TV and Radio all over the world. Our founder is also one of the national representatives of a scientific history society in New York and currently sits on the board of directors.

    Kind regards,
    S. Russell
    Executive Officer

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