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2014 St. Petersburg Bitcoin Bowl Coin Now Available

The St. Petersburg Bowl coin is now available for purchase. Either click this link Or go to, then click FanZone / Bowl Merchandise / Bitcoin Coin.

2014 Silver Casascius Coin to commemorate the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl game on Dec 26

Own a piece of Bitcoin history – a genuine fine silver Casascius coin, commemorating the first major sports event to be sponsored under the banner of Bitcoin! I will be producing a limited edition 2014 Casascius “Coin-Toss” Coin for the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl game to be played on Dec 26. This coin will be […]

If I were Apple, I would ban Bitcoin wallet apps too

If I were Apple, I would ban Bitcoin wallet apps from the App Store too. ¬†Possibly though, I would ban them for different reasons than Apple might have. Having Bitcoins on a mobile device that is used for surfing the internet and running general purpose apps is an unmitigated disaster waiting to happen for both […]

2011 Redeemed 1000 BTC bar for sale

I have listed an original 1000 BTC bar on eBay, and it is ending in about an hour. The bar was made and funded in 2011 but has been redeemed. Proceeds benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Beware of Fakes on eBay

Please beware of fakes. A 25 BTC fake coin was recently listed on eBay by a brand new eBay user tradus1980 (listing 281255345385). The photos look convincing but there’s no way this one is real. I reported it to eBay but my report was not acknowledged.

Resuming Some Sales

I am going to be resuming the sales of the aluminum coin (which does not have bitcoins on it). I am also planning to sell unfunded coins for 2014. These coins will have new visual differentiators so they can be distinguished from coins that are pre-funded by me. These coins will have usable (but empty) […]

Possible counterfeits to be aware of

I was sent the following photo of some hologram labels bearing the Casascius name. These labels are counterfeit and unauthorized. They appear to mimic the spelling error from the Series 1 coins. They use a different type face for the main Casascius as well as a slightly different B-logo shape. My series 1 coins also […]