Possible counterfeits to be aware of

I was sent the following photo of some hologram labels bearing the Casascius name. These labels are counterfeit and unauthorized. They appear to mimic the spelling error from the Series 1 coins. They use a different type face for the main Casascius as well as a slightly different B-logo shape. My series 1 coins also use a dot-matrix-style printing with fixed-width characters, rather than the solid characters in a proportional font that appear in this photo. Please beware!


One comment

  1. Ugh, I can see the headlines now. “Counterfeit bitcoins discovered?” NOPE Just wanted to clear that up for anyone visiting this page. BTC itself cannot is nearly impossible to counterfeit. This is a (pretty poor) attempt to replicate the artistic style of Casascius physical wallets. Actual bitcoins still need to be digitally placed on coin’s address to have value.

    Kind of like how you would never accept a fiat bill that doesn’t have a serial number, the paper is worthless without all the necessary parts.

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